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Fireworks on the fourth

What happens when a man is shot to death during Tchaikovsky's "1812 Overture?" Well, nothing, if the timing's right. Who can hear a gunshot over all those fireworks? So it's a mystery who murdered despised local land developer Curis Strange during an outdoor concert.

--Sandra Dallas, Denver Post

Bowen’s writing style is smooth and easy to read, dare I say, almost lyrical. She creates a world I can easily envision and think I’d like to visit. I love the characters she creates, and I’m glad we get to know more about KC in this story. We get to see a lot more of Emily’s beloved dog, Golden, too, and that’s always a good thing. And Bowen certainly had me guessing as to the mystery! She set up suspects and then deftly knocked them out of the running, and kept me enthralled right up to the end.

-- The Plain Spoken Pen

FIREWORKS ON THE FOURTH is music to my mystery-loving ears!

-- Spotlight Reviews

If you are looking for an engrossing, unique, and interesting cozy mystery, I highly recommend you give FIREWORKS ON THE FOURTH by B.J. Bowen a try.

~The Book Decoder



If you like music, friendship, murder and mayhem, you will love Bowen's third entry in the series. Emily Wilson must use all her sleuthing skills to help clear a friend suspected of murder.

-- Mary Beth Magee

The dynamic the whole cast has built up over three books is great--Emily's friends and coworkers are so engaging to read about and kept me turning pages.

-- LH

Ballistics at the Ballet

Bullets and ballet may not be an obvious mix, but Colorado Springs author B.J. Bowen ties them together in her second cozy...The author herself is a professional oboist, and the book is filled with backstage glimpses into the world of performing. It's a romp of a mystery.

--Sandra Dallas, The Denver Post   

BALLISTICS AT THE BALLET, by B.J. Bowen is a perfectly tuned piece of writing. The reader will find the mystery flows from pianissimo to crescendo, and that with the exception of one, the characters, especially the engaging protagonist, Emily, who is the second flutist in the Monroe symphony, are anything but divas. A strong second addition to the Musical Murders series. I look forward to reading more.

--Debra H. Goldstein, author of the Sarah Blair mysteries

BALLISTICS AT THE BALLET is a holiday-themed mystery perfect for cozy fans with its endearing characters, compelling setting, and engaging mystery. Highly recommend!         

--All Pikes Peak Writes Award Winning Author Leisel Hufford

You can’t celebrate Christmas without the beloved Nutcracker ballet, and Emily Wilson is in the symphony. However, it’s anything but a Merry Christmas when the fussy conductor is killed. Adding heartbreak to the mix is the arrest of Emily’s nephew, a percussionist in the orchestra. This is not only a delightful mystery, it’s a look behind the scenes of this annual production. Bowen, a orchestral musician herself, brings authenticity to this engaging mystery.   

 --Author Leigh Neely

Bowen’s characters come to life in the story with all their flaws and foibles. She maintains the tension from the first page until the end, as the reader tries and fails to identify the killer. I loved the setting of ballet and orchestra. The lightness and innocence of The Nutcracker ballet is a great counterpoint to a murder investigation. I look forward to more books from Bowen on this theme.                                                                                                                                                 


With carefully contrived details, Bowen creates the perfect mystery plot that both entertains and challenges the reader.

--Kathryn Long, author of the SIERRA PINES B&B cozy mysteries

Ballistics at the Ballet delivers a brilliantly composed mystery that will leave you guessing until the curtain comes down.

                                                                                                                                                                       ---Spotlight Reviews

With its well-conducted amateur investigation, likable characters, and behind-the-scenes look at the iconic ballet, I recommend BALLISTICS AT THE BALLET for cozy mystery readers, especially those interested in the symphony, ballet, The Nutcracker, and stories set during the winter holidays                                               

--Guatamala Paula Loves To Read

Music is murder

MUSIC IS MURDER is a delightful cozy mystery that boasts an engaging setting, memorable cast, and satisfying whodunit.  As this is the author's debut, I will be eagerly looking for more stories from her in the future.      

                                                                                                --All Pikes Peak Writes Award Winning Author, Leisel Hufford

MUSIC IS MURDER by B.J. Bowen delivers an engaging heroine with a serious ear for mystery.

                                                                                                           --Sarah E. Burr, Author, Court of Mystery Series

Well done story with enough twists and turns to keep you guessing until the end. Loved the strong heroine with her tenacity and sense of humor. Kept me rooting for her until the end. The musical elements provided a unique setting and point of view. Looking forward to more!   

                                                                                                                                   --K. Schaffer

Cozy mystery MUSIC IS MURDER offers a face-paced, textured plot filled with suspects and suspense that crescendos into a satisfying ending. Bowen delivers an entertaining debut in her Musical Murder Mystery Series that's sure to please readers of this genre. 

--Kathryn Long, author of the Sierra Pines B&B Mysteries and the Paint by Murder Mysteries under the pen name Bailee Abbott

Bowen Keeps her reader entertained whether she is using snippets of humor or is threatening her protagonist with a murderer, a mystery, or the police. The reader is left waiting anxiously for the outcome. This is particularly true since the main action here is is where one would least expect to find it, in the world of classical music and musicians. This book is a blend of arts; music, mystery, and literature that should satisfy any reader.            

                                                  --Anne Kohl, Author of Blue Boy

I've always been interested in the world of classical music, and I love mysteries, so choosing this title to read was a no-brainer for me. Emily Wilson is a flutist with her local symphony orchestra. Olive is a bassoon player with the same orchestra, and an "off-again, on-again" friend of Emily/s, depending on how annoying and needy Olive's behavior is. Olive is currently fixated on Gardiner, another member of the orchestra, whom she is convinced is her soul mate. Gardiner doesn't want anything to do with her. No one can blame Emily when, sick of Olive's frequent phone calls begging for advice on her love life, she decides to ignore the latest one. Unfortunately, shortly after placing that call, Olive is bludgeoned to death. To make matters worse, Olive has named Emily as her primary heir, so the police quickly zero in on her as Number One Murder Suspect.I loved all the quirky characters and the back stage sneak peek at the goings-on when a concert is over. What a fun read! 

                                                                                                           --Susan Santangelo, author of the Baby Boomer Mystery Series

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