Musical Murders: A cozy mystery series

Emily Wilson, second flutist of Colorado's Monroe Symphony has a quiet, normal life.  That all changes when she is forced to become a sleuth in defense of herself, her friends, and her relatives.  The mysteries are set in the dysfunctional world of the orchestra - its personalities, rehearsals, and performances.   

Music Is Murder

When a symphony bassoonist is killed - bludgeoned to death with her own bassoon - divorced, disillusioned second flute player Emily Wilson becomes the prime suspect and must evade police to find the true killer and save herself. Camel Press. Release Date TBA.

Ballistics at the Ballet

Nobody is truly surprised when temperamental conductor Felix Underhayes is killed conducting the Nutcracker ballet.  But at least ten people saw Emily Wilson's nephew, percussionist Charlie McRae, fire the fatal shot.  Emily must find a way to prove he was framed while juggling family dynamics, performances, and a demented killer who wants to silence her.  Camel Press. Release date TBA.

Fireworks on the Fourth

The Symphony's annual Fourth of July extravaganza in the park  features cannons, liberty bells, and fireworks. When a shifty Board member collecting donations is killed, Emily Wilson's friend, KC, is the prime suspect in the murder. Emily believes in KC's innocence, but faces personal danger when she sets out to find the true killer. Camel Press. Release Date TBA.

For those of you who have asked for updates: I'm so excited to announce that editing on the first book of the Musical Murders series, Music is Murder, is finished and the publisher, Camel Press, has begun designing the book, including the cover. Woo Hoo!

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