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Musical Murders: A cozy mystery series

Update: I am so excited to announce that the third book in the series, Fireworks on the Fourth, is available for from, and It was released 5-8-2023.


The second book in the series, Ballistics at the Ballet, is available at,, and Ballistics at the Ballet a book by B. J. Bowen ( or at any independent bookstore through Ingram. It was released 9-14-2022.

The first book,  Music is Murder, is available from Amazon, Music is Murder by B. J. Bowen, Paperback | Barnes & Noble® (, Music is Murder a book by Barbara Bowen (, or any independent bookstore through Ingram Book Company. It was released 6-8-2021. 

Emily Wilson, second flutist of Colorado's Monroe Symphony, has a quiet, normal life.  That all changes when she is forced to become a sleuth in defense of herself, her friends, and her relatives.  The mysteries are set in the dysfunctional world of the orchestra - its personalities, rehearsals, and performances.   


Join me for a Facebook tour for Ballistics at the Ballet starting October 3, 2022. Schedule and description at:

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Music is Murder_Front Cover_Web.jpg
Music Is Murder

When a symphony bassoonist is killed - bludgeoned to death with her own bassoon - divorced, disillusioned second flute player Emily Wilson becomes the prime suspect and must evade police to find the true killer and save herself. Camel Press. Release Date June 8, 2021.

BATB_Front Cover_Promo_03.17.22.jpg
Ballistics at the Ballet

Nobody is truly surprised when temperamental conductor Felix Underhayes is killed before a Nutcracker ballet rehearsal.  Emily's nephew is accused of the murder. She must find a way to prove he was framed while juggling family dynamics, performances, and a demented killer who wants to silence her.  Camel Press. Release Date Sept. 14, 2022..

Fireworks on the Fourth_Front Cover_Web copy_edited.jpg
Fireworks on the Fourth

The fiery festivities of the Symphony’s annual Fourth of July extravaganza feature cannons, liberty bells, and fireworks. But the noise covers gunshots which leave a shifty Board member dead and Emily Wilson’s friend, KC, the prime suspect. Can Emily face down blackmail, danger, and a threat to her loyal companion to find the killer? Camel Press. Release Date May 8, 2023.

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